Societies outside Metropolises: the role of civil society organisations in facing populism. Preliminary findings – Summary

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This publication is a summary of the preliminary findings of the study commissioned by the Diversity Europe Group and conducted by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), entitled Societies outside Metropolises – The role of civil society organisations in facing populism. It aims at identifying the factors influencing citizens’ choices in favor of populism in societies in non-metropolitan areas. It also highlights the role played by CSOs in preventing and opposing populism. Different areas have been taken into account: Klagenfurt-Villach and Niederösterreich-Süd (Austria), Udine and Reggio di Calabria (Italy), Płocki and Nowosądecki (Poland), and Drôme and Aisne (France).


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Gesellschaft außerhalb der Großstädte: die Rolle zivilgesellschaftlicher Organisationen bei der Bekämpfung des Populismus. Vorläufige ergebnisse – Zusammenfassung