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The CCMI conference on robotics is designed to highlight cutting edge developments in the field of robotics and more specifically to explore two main set of questions.

  • Robotics and Humans. Interactions between human beings and robots, the positive effects of improving working conditions, use of robotics in combination with artificial intelligence (AI). The conference wishes to put the accent on positive effects of the application of robotics and avoid discussing the topic of humans being replaced by robots. We wish to highlight and concentrate on the beneficial, constructive contribution of robotics: relieving humans of heavy duty or onerous chores. Our approach is that of furthering social acceptance of this new technology. One specialized branch of the sector to scrutinize is collaborative robotics, the use of cobots, which could highlight the advantageous side of robotics. Health related applications, such as robotics in (remotely executed) surgery,  micro robotics, nano robotics, clean up robots applied in the maritime sector, space robotics are also excellent examples.
  • The position of the EU robotics sector, industrial aspects. How to guarantee an independent and thriving European robotics sector? How can the European Union preserve its competitiveness and strong position amid a field of fierce competition and fast-paced developments? What are the financial instruments to support scientific and technological development in robotics? What are the challenges and opportunities for industrial sectors offered by the development of robotics? How to properly address issues of intellectual property rights? How to safeguard European interests in a context where all major internet based data collecting conglomerates are either in American or Chinese hands? The internet of things presents a scenario in which robots of European design and manufacture are exposed to data harvesting by the big data collectors such as google.  Therefore data protection is an important aspect of discussions.