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    To turn solidarity with Ukraine into concrete action, the EESC is joining the European Parliament's "civil society hub" initiative for Ukraine, allowing the NGO Promote Ukraine to use part of its premises at rue de Trèves 74, along with logistical equipment.

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    Otto proposte concrete sono state presentate alla vicepresidente della Commissione europea per i Valori e la trasparenza, Věra Jourová, dagli studenti di scuole secondarie di tutta Europa che hanno partecipato all'evento virtuale per i giovani "La vostra Europa, la vostra opinione!" (YEYS2022) sul tema The Truth about lies. Youth challenging disinformation ("La verità sulle menzogne. I giovani sfidano la disinformazione"). L'evento è stato ospitato dal Comitato economico e sociale europeo (CESE) il 31 marzo e il 1º aprile 2022.

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    The European Union needs not only to improve the preparedness of its health system but also to address inequalities within the Union and globally. It needs to move quickly to assess the public health action taken to date

  • EESC 3 categories of EU organic awards
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    This year – 2022 – the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will be co-organising the first-ever EU organic awards, together with the European Commission, European Committee of the Regions (CoR), COPA-COGECA and IFOAM Organics Europe, aimed at recognising excellence and rewarding the best and most innovative players in the EU organic value chain.

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    Mentre era in corso il Consiglio europeo, il Comitato economico e sociale europeo ha adottato oggi una risoluzione sul tema La guerra in Ucraina e il suo impatto economico e sociale. I membri hanno espresso la loro solidarietà all'Ucraina e posto l'accento sul ruolo della società civile nel prestare aiuto e soccorso al popolo ucraino e ai profughi che fuggono dal paese.

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    In its Resolution on War in Ukraine and its economic, social and environmental impact adopted on Thursday, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) strongly condemns the ongoing unilateral aggression against Ukraine ordered by the President of the Russian Federation.

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    Nella sessione plenaria di marzo il Comitato economico e sociale europeo (CESE) ha discusso la proposta della Commissione su questo nuovo stile di vita europeo che combina sostenibilità, estetica e inclusione, e ha sottolineato l'importanza dell'approccio partecipativo seguito.

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    The Civil Society Days 2022 brought together citizens, civil society organisations and European institutions to debate and address the challenge of ensuring shared prosperity. This major challenge has never been more crucial for Europe as the impacts from the Russia-Ukraine war emerge and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt, speakers emphasised.

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    The conference on Women in the Labour Market organised by the EESC to mark International Women's Day, was held on 8 March under the shadow of the war. The participants paid tribute to the remarkable Ukrainian women for their strength, bravery and resilience. Attention was drawn to different aspects of gender equality such as the need to increase women's participation in the labour market, especially with regard to new digital and green jobs, to facilitate female entrepreneurship, to improve care services and work-life balance, and to tackle gender stereotypes and work-related harassment.

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    In a spontaneous debate initiated by the EESC President Christa Schweng during the February plenary session, the members of the European Economic and Social Committee condemned the unjustified and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. EESC members expressed their solidarity with the Ukrainian people and called for firm actions at both EU and national level in a spirit of unity in this dramatic time.