How the Digital Transformation can put humans at the centre of robotics and automation – collaboration between humans and machines for better quality products and services

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The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) intends to conclude a service contract for a study on digital transformation. The study shall contribute to improving general knowledge about the latest developments in automation and robotics with a focus on specific cases where collaboration between humans and machines takes place with the result of producing higher quality products and services that are also more adapted to humans' needs.

The study shall examine existing developments (best practices, current projects, concrete examples, etc.), in the EU as well as in third countries, and provide a more realistic and valid view of future developments and the impact of automation and digitalisation on business. The study will look at both the private and public sector.

The following issues are to be addressed in the study:

  • Current and future trends in the workplace
  • Changes for humans (employers and employees, entrepreneurs, managers, etc.) in the digitalised world of work
  • Human responsibility vs. Machine responsibility
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Designing changes for humans
  • Change Management
  • Qualifications and skills required with new technologies
  • Data protection as well as ensuring free flow of data

The study shall identify recent developments that can serve as models and guidance for industry and commerce. In particular, pilot projects, cutting edge research and best practice cases shall be analysed and described in a broad range of sectors.

The study shall cover several Member States (at least five) and compare developments in those countries to that in other countries outside the EU, in particular the USA and Japan.

The study shall be prepared in English.

Indicative calendar (subject to changes)

  1. Launch of the invitation to tender: estimated timing is June or July 2019.
  2. Contract award: estimated timing is September or October 2019.
  3. The final study is expected within 9 months following the signature of the contract.


Expressions of interest should be sent electronically to the following mailbox


Monday, Juni 17, 2019 - 11:59