SMEs, social economy enterprises, crafts and liberal professions Fit for 55

EESC opinion: SMEs, social economy enterprises, crafts and liberal professions Fit for 55

Key points


  • Believes that there is an urgent need to support Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in understanding and managing the green transition in the best possible way.
  • Calls for a comprehensive programme composed of highly customised solutions and well-targeted policies and measures, aimed at supporting MSMEs through all the issues they face in their business operations and activities in going green and complying with legislation.  
  • Considers that immediate and targeted short-term support for MSMEs is pivotal for boosting their economic recovery from the pandemic and helping them manage the implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, such as high energy prices and lack of supply of materials and products.
  • Proposes establishing 'circularity hubs' in various regions in order to improve the resource efficiency of MSMEs. The objective would be to enhance cooperation between companies across sectors and facilitate the development of new practices and processes, including demonstrating new technologies.
  • Calls on the EU and MSs to accelerate green investments of MSMEs by ensuring an enabling, predictable and encouraging regulatory environment.
  • Underlines the need for a close cooperation between education providers and MSMEs in shaping training to meet the competences and skills needed in the green transition, including through upskilling and reskilling employees and entrepreneurs alike.
  • Urges the promotion of trade in green solutions produced by MSMEs, including in the context of public procurement.

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