Review of the Renewable Energy Directive

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Stellungnahme der Fachgruppe: Review of the Renewable Energy Directive

Practical information

Administrator: Maja RADMAN, Assistant: Jacqueline NYEMA 

Foreseen for the EESC Section: 09 November 2021

Foreseen for the EESC Plenary session: 08-09 December 2021

Gist of the Commission document

The energy sector is responsible for more than 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing the share of renewable energy across the different sectors of the economy is therefore a key building block to achieving an integrated energy system that delivers on Europe’s ambition of climate neutrality.

Under the European Green Deal, the Commission has committed to stronger action on climate change and will assess how the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions could responsibly be reduced by at least 50% to 55% by 2030.

As a first step in the revision process, the Commission published a roadmap on 3 August 2020. The feedback received from stakeholders and the public on the contributed to the Commission’s preparatory work for the review. 

A public consultation was launched in November 2020 and closed on 9 February 2021.

The review will:

  • assess how far EU renewable energy rules (Directive 2018/2001/EU) can contribute to a higher EU climate ambition
  • explore how to accelerate the transition to a more integrated energy system as outlined in the energy system integration & hydrogen strategies.