Parcel delivery / e-commerce

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Stellungnahme des Ausschusses: Parcel delivery / e-commerce

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Key points:

The EESC welcomes the Commission Green Paper and calls on the Commission to draw up a recommendation focusing on six priority requirements:

  • joint and several liability regime that would apply to online sellers and delivery operators throughout the delivery chain, in particular when consumers return items upon withdrawal or lack of conformity;
  • full traceability of deliveries;
  • the obligation to offer consumers the choice of more delivery options;
  • full acceptance of the system of national e-commerce delivery problem-solving centres;
  • the obligation to guarantee fair working conditions;
  • transparency regarding conditions and prices;

and to present a report on the results from individual Member States and cross-border deliveries.



  • believes that the shortcomings in the regulatory framework need to be addressed and recommends a structured dialogue between representatives of organised civil society  on a code of conduct;
  • calls strongly for the creation of a European network of national e-commerce delivery problem‑solving centres and the establishment of a European monitoring centre to address the sector's problems;
  • advocates setting up a rapid alert system for e-commerce delivery;
  • considers that, to achieve an integrated parcel delivery market, high-quality jobs are needed with a sound, well-integrated social dimension.


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