EESC opinion: Promoting the mobility of young people in Europe

EESC opinion: Promoting the mobility of young people in Europe

Key points

The European Economic and Social Committee welcomes the interest and support shown by the future French presidency of the Council towards the mobility of young Europeans.

The EESC believes that the main problem faced by the EU in terms of young people's cross-border mobility is the clear lack of solutions to the problems that have already been described on numerous occasions, and the difficulty in applying the measures adopted to solve these problems.

Thus, the EESC considers that there is no need to set up further expert or high-level groups which are likely to revisit issues that have already been addressed in the past.

The situation of young people should be methodically defined, dividing them into different target groups with comparable circumstances and subject to similar issues.

The EESC considers that what is needed is to implement the right measures in a reasonably short time so that all that has already been said about mobility can be legitimised as solutions to the mobility problems faced by young people in Europe.

By involving all stakeholders in making mobility a reality for young people and taking a more proactive approach to the different EU policies in the field, it could be possible to bring about a fundamental change to the status quo.