ESMA Museum and Memorial Site in Argentina: A Symbol of Human Rights

The EESC will hold an online event to present the candidacy for the UNESCO World Heritage List of the ESMA Museum and Memorial Site in Argentina. The ESMA building, which was one of Argentina's largest detention centres, is an important symbol representing the more than 600 clandestine detention camps that existed in Argentina during the dictatorship between 1976 and 1983. The campaign is supported by human rights organisations, the trade unions of the Mercosur and the Argentinian Embassy to the European Union.

The event will be held online via Interactio on Wednesday 30 June at 4 p.m. and will be web-streamed on the EESC's web page and on its social media channels.

This event is part of the cultural events organised annually by the Communication Directorate to support and promote the work done by the EESC's Groups. This is one of the 2021 events for the Workers' Group.