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Adopted on 14/07/2016
Plenary session: 
518 -
Jul 13, 2016 Jul 14, 2016

EESC opinion: EESC opinion: Coalition to deliver commitments of the Paris Agreement


Paris Agreement

Climate Commitments of Subnational Actors and Business.

The Emissions Gap Report 2015

Adopted on 17/10/2018
Plenary session: 
538 -
Oct 17, 2018 Oct 18, 2018

The EESC supports the Commission's Action Plan on financing sustainable growth, aimed at reorienting capital flows towards sustainable investment, and welcomes the legislative proposals stemming from it, on fiduciary duties, a taxonomy and benchmarks. The proposed gradual approach for its implementation, beginning with the work on a European sustainability taxonomy, is preferable. However, a subsequent extension of the initial taxonomy, based on environmental aspects, to social sustainability and governance goals will be necessary. Attention should be paid to the feasibility and proportionality of legal obligations.


EESC opinion: Institutional investors' and asset managers' duties regarding sustainability

Adopted on 23/01/2019
Plenary session: 
540 -
Jan 23, 2019 Jan 24, 2019

The EESC welcome the definitive destination principle-based VAT system for taxing goods in B2B relations and reminds that it is an important achievement proving the continuous consolidation of the EU internal market. The Committee urges the Commission to explore how a common VAT system for both services and goods can be rolled out as quickly as possible. The EESC recommends greater collaboration between national fiscal and enforcement authorities in order to make the new destination-based VAT system more effective in terms of both effectiveness against fraud and reliability in favour of European enterprises.

EESC opinion: Implementing the definitive VAT system


Definitive VAT system intra-Union trade of goods COM(2018)329_European Commission presentaton

Adopted on 11/07/2018
Plenary session: 
536 -
Jul 11, 2018 Jul 12, 2018

EESC opinion: Taxation of profits of multinationals in the digital economy

Ongoing (updated on 06/05/2019)
Plenary session: 
545 -
Jul 17, 2019 Jul 18, 2019

This own-initiative opinion should answer following questions: Could the EU Single Market benefit from such a technology and how ? What steps could be taken to ensure that EU, its Single Market and its citizens benefit fully from this technology?

It could also reflect on whether and how using blockchain as an overarching infrastructure, in other European policies, could reinforce the European values of the Single Market and make it even more cohesive and democratic.

Adopted on 19/09/2018
Plenary session: 
537 -
Sep 19, 2018 Sep 20, 2018

A variety of tools and methods are currently used to undermine European values and external actions of the EU, as well as to develop and provoke separatist and nationalistic attitudes, manipulate the public and conduct direct interference in the domestic policy of sovereign countries and the EU as a whole. Moreover, the growing influence of cyber offensive capabilities and increased weaponization of technologies to achieve political goals is observed. The impact of such actions is often underestimated.

The EESC agrees with the Commission's call for more responsibility on the part of social media platforms. However, despite the existence of several studies and policy papers produced by European specialists in the last few years, the Commission's communication lacks any practical mandatory steps to ensure this.

EESC opinion: Initiative addressing online platform challenges as regards the spreading of disinformation (Communication)