Study on Societies outside metropolis

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The study will address populism in societies outside metropolis and the role of civil society organisations (CSOs) in the context of populism. In particular it will:

  • investigate the living conditions of those inhabitants and the motivations leading to populism
  • analyse the impact of the living conditions on people's civic and political behaviour and choices
  • examine the role played by CSOs in the context of populism
  • provide examples of good practices  of the positive role played by CSOs  and how they could be improved

Emerging populism and Euroscepticism are increasingly linked. There is a lack of trust in the European Union, perceived as not delivering tangible benefits in citizens' daily lives, especially those living outside metropolis. This is the case in wealthy as well as in disadvantageous areas.

CSOs play a crucial role as intermediaries between citizens and institutions and can help in providing a clear and comprehensive response to the fears of Europeans , in communicating European values on which the Union is based. The study should therefore address the following questions:  why citizens living in those areas adhere to populism and what CSOs can do to make sure that those citizens receive the right message about the EU.

Within this framework, the EESC – composed of representatives of national CSOs – aims to better understand how CSOs operate to counter populism in societies outside metropolis in order to further support their actions. 

Languages/geographical area
The study should be carried out in English and be representative of the EU Member States in terms of geographical balance and EU membership.


Send your expression of interest to participate or request for information to the following mail box (before the deadline mentioned below)


Friday, April 27, 2018 - 23:59