Geopolitics of the European Green Deal

The EESC will hold its conference on the "Geopolitics of the Green Deal" in Brussels on 6 December 2021. This hybrid meeting, co-organised with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), will look into the effects of the Green Deal on the position of the EU in the world.

The aim of the European GD is to decarbonise the European economy. The industrial transformation of the EU market (use of green energy sources, introduction of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, new-generation trade agreements, a revolution in the transport sector, new employment challenges and opportunities) will inevitably have an impact on our external relations.

The conference will be organised in 4 panels: Leading climate change efforts; Ensuring the green energy transition and heading towards open strategic autonomy; Ensuring that the EGD leaves no one behind; Maintaining the EU industry's global competitiveness and directing financing to support the green transition.

Speakers from the EU, SDSN, UN IPCC and various other governmental and non-governmental organisations will discuss these groundbreaking developments in EU policy-making, with the goal of bringing together EU Institutions and prominent experts in the field to discuss how to strengthen civil society engagement in climate action, the energy transition and green finance.

The conference will end with closing remarks from EESC president Christa Schweng, REX president Dimitris Dimitriadis, and key EESC members.