Study on the key factors affecting the future growth of Europe

"Achieving sustainable growth in a competitive world is challenging. The challenge is even greater for the European Union, as the Old Continent faces a severe competitiveness deficit.  Without entering into a health review, that could be delivered at a further stage, of each of the 28 Member States, the ambition of this study is to draw-up a comprehensive picture of EU economic growth. This will lead to specific recommendations on the conditions to restore EU competitiveness and a scoreboard of the current state of reforms among Member States. The reader will have a clearer appreciation of the tools that could be usefully mobilised on both economic and political levels to tackle the growth issue and seize the most realistic opportunities to restore growth within the EU.  We analyse step by step the main reasons for the EU’s lack of competitiveness paving the way for a comprehensive analysis of the conditions necessary to stimulate EU competitiveness. There follows a review of the current state of reforms. The conclusions are summarized in a SWOT analysis chart for the EU."


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Key factors affecting the future growth of Europe – STUDY