White Paper on Artificial Intelligence

EESC opinion: White Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Key points


  • stresses the importance of enhancing investment, infrastructure, innovation and skills;
  • urges the Commission to promote a new generation of AI systems that are knowledge-driven and reasoning-based, and that uphold human values and principles;
  • calls on the Commission to: (i) foster multidisciplinarity in research; (ii) involve relevant stakeholders in the debate around AI and (iii) keep educating and informing the broader public on the opportunities and challenges of AI;
  • urges the Commission to consider in more depth the impact of AI on the full spectrum of fundamental rights and freedoms;
  • continues to oppose the introduction of any form of legal personality for AI;
  • recommends that the Commission draw up a list of common characteristics of AI applications or uses that are considered intrinsically high risk, irrespective of the sector;
  • is of the opinion that the widespread use of AI-driven biometric recognition for surveillance or to track, assess or categorise humans or human behaviour or emotions, should be prohibited;
  • advocates early and close involvement of the social partners when introducing AI systems at workplaces and employees that will ultimately be working with the AI system;
  • calls on the Commission to assume a leadership role so as to ensure better coordination within Europe of applied AI solutions and approaches used to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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European Commission follow-up to the EESC opinion on the White Paper on Artificial intelligence