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Parere del CESE: Migration

EESC member Giuseppe Iuliano explains together with MEPs and political analysts the added value of Schengen on Europarl TV.
This is the web broadcasting service of the European Parliament and aims to inform EU citizens about the Parliament's activities.



Key points

Through several opinions, the EESC has worked with the other institutions to give the EU a common policy and common legislation on asylum and immigration.

The EESC hopes that the June European Council will prevent the European agenda being polluted by xenophobia and populism.

For the Committee and for most people in Europe, the creation of the Schengen area stands out as one of the most significant achievements of European integration.

The EESC is alarmed that a small migration emergency involving people requiring protection should be bringing the solidity of the values of some of those in government, and of the EU itself, into doubt.

Europe needs a medium- and long-term vision.

Recent events in the southern Mediterranean, and the debates and conflicts within the Union, offer an opportunity to strengthen the EU's values, principles and existing common rules, and to ensure "more Europe" in European policies on borders, free movement, asylum and immigration.