European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

EESC opinion: European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

Key Points

  • The EESC welcomes the Commission proposal, which provides a more flexible system for the Member States in line with their strategic priorities, and aims to support a sustainable business model for fishers and maintain the competitiveness of the fisheries sector. In particular, the EESC asks for rapid approval, a more accessible financing mechanism and a more proportionate and harmonised sanctions system.
  • The Committee encourages the European Commission and the Member States to take stronger action by enforcing the full traceability of imports, from both an IUU and a food safety perspective.
  • The EESC recommends the financing of new ships to replace old ones provided that the fleet concerned has no excess capacity and the target species are fished at MSY levels. This measure should include the use of more sustainable and efficient engines to reduce CO2 emissions and to ensure crew safety.