EESC opinion: The right to information in criminal proceedings

EESC opinion: The right to information in criminal proceedings

Key points

The EESC welcomes the Commission's aim to develop a comprehensive package of legislation to guarantee a common set of procedural rights in the criminal proceedings of Member States.

The right to timely and accurate information is part of the EU's legal heritage and is becoming even more important as EU citizens move within the European Union. Non-EU citizens too, now entering the EU in growing numbers, should be able to identify, firstly, an EU legal culture and, secondly, clear procedures that reflect respect for individuals, even if facing criminal procedures.

The EESC believes that the approximation of national legislations, which underlies the Directive, should become the cornerstone of judicial cooperation, also in order to emphasise the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which has been incorporated in the Treaty on European Union (TFEU and TEU).

The EESC believes that safeguarding human rights through common and shared procedures undoubtedly plays a strong part in the cohesion and reinforcement of free movement within the EU.