Workers' voice for more democratic participation

The Category "Workers' Voice for more democratic participation" is meeting on the 7th of November from 9.00h to 13.00h to discuss the Trade Union perspectives and the policies that are key to achieve a Just Transition.

The digital and green Transformation is one of the most urgent tasks of our time, which above all represents a socio-political challenge. Climate neutrality and the digital transformation can only be achieved if the majority of people support the goals.

In the first panel, moderated by Workers' Group Vice-President Mari Carmen Barrera Chamorro, the Trade Union perspective on the Green Transition will be discussed with speakers from the ETUC and Academia, as well as practical experiences of Just Transition and social dialogue from Spain and Austria. In the second panel, moderated by Workers' Group Vice-President Thomas Kattnig, the key policies for a Just Transition will be analysed with speakers from the European Commission, IndustriAll, OSHA and Solidar.

The event will be webstreamed in our website and facebook account


Concept note