How to improve assessment and evaluation of EU policies affecting the EU financial sector

The EU has adopted a large number of legislative proposals to improve the functioning of the EU financial markets, and especially to complete the Capital Markets Union and the Banking Union. Well-functioning financial markets are essential to mobilise the investments necessary for the green and digital transformations, support growth and job creation, and for the strategic autonomy of the EU.

With this in mind, EU institutions systematically assess the impact of new financial legislation on investor protection, financial stability, and market integrity. However, there is not a clear roadmap on how to evaluate the impact of policies financial markets' policies on the real economy, for instance, on long-term investment.

The purpose of this hearing is to discuss on the current framework for assessment and evaluation of EU policies affecting the financial sector and how it can be improved.

The event is organised on 30.06.2023 starting at 10:00 and is accessible via webstream. No registration is needed.

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