1. Introductory remarks by Ms Erika Koller, President of the EU-Japan Follow-up Committee
  1. Adoption of the draft agenda
  1. Adoption of the draft minutes from the last meeting held on 25 November 2021
  1. The post-Covid situation in Japan with regard to economic, social and societal aspects
  • Introductory remarks by the EU Delegation in Tokyo: Ms Nevena Mateeva, First Secretary, Trade Section, Delegation of the EU to Japan
    • The civil society perspective, with contributions by:
      • Keidanren Japan Business Federation: Mr Kiyotaka Morita, Deputy Director, International Affairs Bureau
      • Mr Koji Takahashi, Senior Researcher, the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training (JILPT)
  1. Research, innovation and education
  • Japan's possible association with the Horizon Europe - Research & Innovation Framework Programme, Ms Anne Haglund-Morrissey, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Research & Innovation
  • Presentation of the activities of Kobe University Brussels European Centre (KUBEC): Mr Patrick Vittet Philippe, Advisor to Kobe University Brussels European Centre

[Closed session]

  1. Forward planning
  • Mission to Japan 2022-2023
  1. Any other business.