• Debate

    The EESC is convinced that islands, mountainous regions and sparsely populated areas face significant challenges and that there is a solid legal basis that obliges the EU to take action in order to tackle these challenges. In this context, the organised civil society has an important role to play and through this debate, the aim is to find the best practices and solutions so that these regions can perform better and recover from the multiple crises. Therefore the EESC- ECO section has decided to organise this public debate in the framework of the EESC own-intiative opinion on "Main challenges that EU islands, mountain and sparsely populated areas face.

  • Causes, consequences and policy solutions

    The ECO Section of the EESC will organise a public debate with the title: "Gender inequality in access to financial markets. Causes, consequences and policy solutions" in order to present the views of different actors and discuss on the gender gaps in the access to funding and on investment.

  • The 14th meeting of the EU DAG under the EU-Canada CETA, and the first meeting of the new 2023-25 term, will take place on 27 October 2023. The DAG will elect a new chair, discuss the progress in implementing the Trade and Sustainable Development Chapter and exchange views on the EU-CETA DAG priorities for the new term.

  • 2023 TSD Forum
    The other side of trade: a bottom-up approach to sustainable development

    The EESC hosted the 2nd Civil Society Forum on Trade and Sustainable Development : ' The other side of trade: a bottom-up approach to sustainable development' on 14 November 2023. Moving on from the fundamental question "Have we been listening?", the event examined Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) from different angles with a common approach: inclusive, bottom-up and solution-oriented.

  • Event co-organised by the EESC's Civil Society Organisations' Group and the EEB

    The Civil Society Organisations' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) are co-organising a symposium on analysing the current threat of citizenwashing, a term coined to describe a situation in which public authorities and politicians  give the appearance of involving the public in decision-making without actually taking their views into account.

    For in-person and online registration please follow this link. Deadline Friday (10 Nov)

  • The 8th meeting of the EU Domestic Advisory Group (DAG) under the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (FTA) took place on 10 November 2023.

  • On 9 November 2023, the ACP-EU Follow-up Committee held a meeting for a timely update on ACP-EU relations and with a view to discuss the participation of civil society in the post-Cotonou Agreement, the so-called Samoa Agreement that has been signed on 15 November.

  • Planned obsolescence 10 years on: where do we stand?

    Planned obsolescence has been pronounced for the first time in this Committee exactly 10 years ago, and it was in the framework of a CCMI opinion. Rapporteur was Thierry Libaert.

  • The EESC will hold a hybrid hearing in Brussels on 9 November 2023 from 2:30 to 5:30 pm on "Young people and mental health"

    In the event, we will discuss some of the factors affecting mental health of young generations, namely addiction to social media  climate anxiety and other social determinants like working conditions. The objective will be to propose possible actions to protect mental health of young people and improve their wellbeing.

  • Conference on #ReskillEU - new jobs for energy and transport in Europe
    The Research and Innovation perspective

    The conference, co-organised by the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Commission will take place in Brussels on 8 November 2023. It will be held in the framework of the current European Year of Skills.