In an opinion adopted on 23 February, the EESC commented on the European Commission's Communication on the 2023 Annual Sustainable Growth Survey (ASGS), urging the Commission to invest in communicating the challenges the EU is facing, and suggesting what needs to be done to overcome them. 

The 2023 ASGS, which outlines the economic and employment policy priorities for the EU for the coming 12 to 18 months, aims to mitigate the negative impact of energy shocks in the short term, fostering sustainable and inclusive growth and increasing the EU's economic and social resilience in the medium term. 

In its opinion, the Committee welcomed the priorities set regarding competitive sustainability, as well as the attention paid to strengthening social dialogue in the EU. Furthermore, the EESC stressed the importance of good communication and called on the Commission to invest in it. To improve the functioning of the single market, the EESC called for fair working conditions, effective competition and better consideration of civil society concerns. The Committee also encouraged Member States to adopt a realistic, moderate and balanced approach when addressing inflation. 

"A strong, reliable, joint narrative on our challenges and how the EU has mobilised to overcome them is fundamental for citizens, and it will avoid misunderstandings about the European project and would boost the idea of 'a Europe for all'", EESC rapporteur Gonçalo Lobo Xavier commented. (tk)