Organised activities and developed analysis and reports

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Tomasz Wróblewski
Warsaw Enterprise Institute

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a period of hard work for the Warsaw Enterprise Institute Foundation (WEI), a think-tank based in Warsaw (Poland). Despite the difficulties, the WEI has developed analytical and dissemination activities, pursuing its mission of improving Poland's business environment and prosperity in areas such as the economy, security and defence matters, the state, the rule of law and demographics.

During this time, the WEI has developed a series of activities, including 53 debates and conferences, 45 "Freedom in Renovation" podcasts, 34 expert reports and analyses, 223 blog articles and 27 interviews and films.

Among its main areas, the WEI has produced expert reports and analyses, made them publicly available and distributed them to decision-makers and experts. "We believe that providing expert knowledge and analysis is particularly important in times of pandemic uncertainty," the WEI says. Some of their reports have been about the European Green Deal, the opportunities and threats of technological sovereignty in Europe, healthcare during the pandemic and the White House's strategy during the Biden Administration.

Debates and conferences have been broadcast online, reaching thousands of people, and have continued to offer pluralistic meetings, inviting a broad spectrum of the public to debate issues, enabling conflicting opinions to be voiced and creating a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Despite the pandemic, the WEI has also continued developing current and new projects. Among the most relevant of these are "Countering Lockdown Loss", aiming to offset the impact of lockdown policies on the economy, and "Plusy Ujemne", which monitors, analyses and evaluates current Polish legislation.

The WEI has also produced podcasts, interviews with foreign economists and entrepreneurs, and educational films. Moreover, it has kept providing commentaries on its blog about the economic, social and political situation in Poland and the world.