Promouvoir la solidarité intergénérationnelle: vers une approche horizontale de l’Union

Information pratique


Solidarity across generations is key for sustainable development, for overcoming ageism and for having the  perspective of young people included in policies addressing the challenges of future generations. There are important policy areas where the interests of both young people and older people are considered complementary. Solidarity between generations is of the utmost importance e.g. in the following policy areas: solidarity-based retirement schemes; housing, especially intergenerational housing; solidarity-based health and long-term care services; development of urban and rural areas for all generations; political responses to climate change; lifelong learning; development of volunteering; sustainable transport and mobility for all generations.

The OIO would aim at:

  • Calling for an intergenerational pact based on respect and solidarity between generations, while empowering both young and older people;
  • Calling on the EU to strictly coordinate the policies in the framework of the already existing EU Youth Strategy and the new European Strategy for Older Persons requested by the EESC;

Looking into expanding the mandate of the EESC ad hoc group on youth engagement to include the issue of intergenerational solidarity or establishing an EESC Intergenerational Solidarity Group.