"A press officer with a touch of Galician irony"

I spent a great deal of time working with David Gippini, in particular, we worked on a number of press interviews together. When I met him in 2018, he struck me as a serious person. His contributions were always appropriate and very well thought out. He was very quick in his reasoning. Beyond work, I discovered an open person, generous with his time, with a touch of Galician irony, and I think we understood each other very well. We also had our friendly little "disagreements"; I am a firm advocate of inclusive language, while David is more academic and was not happy about certain liberties being taken with language. We talked about this often, in endless, rich and challenging conversations. But I must thank him for the rigour and beauty he brought to many of my texts.

I am sad to see him go, and I wish him every success in this new stage in his career. I have no doubt that he will be greatly missed by the Press Unit. And I will miss him, too.

Isabel Caño Aguilar, former vice-president in charge of communication (2018-2020)