A just and green transition is only possible with civil society's contribution. People and organisations across the EU are dedicated to developing innovative and people-centred ways of fighting climate change. In 2021, the EESC decided to award its Civil Society Prize to five organisations who greatly help with meeting the challenges of climate change. In this episode of The Grassroots View, we've invited them to tell us their stories.

Cillian Lohan, EESC Vice-President for Communication, explains why it is crucial not to disregard climate action taken by countless individuals and communities on the ground. Guy de Koninck, from first place winner Grootouders voor het klimaat (BE), told us more about their project "Our Savings for their Future" and their efforts to promote intergenerational solidarity. Mònica Guiteras, from second-place winners Engineers without Borders in Catalonia (ES), talks about their fight against energy poverty by helping the energy poor find and articulate their voices. Romania's Costin Dragne talks to us about the 'educlick' project, run by the NGO Workshop Without Borders, which promotes circular economy and tackles social injustice. Urban studio "Prostorož" fights the problematic rising temperatures in Ljubljana, Slovenia; Zala Velkavrh told us all about their creative project which earned them the prize. Finally, we hear from Madis Vasser, from the coalition of green NGOs in Estonia, who speaks about bringing different interest groups to the table to discuss the country's transition from shale oil to greener energy, without leaving anyone behind. (tk/ll)