Hydrogen can be a key driver of a new, post-COVID-19 model of society

The European Union must overcome the COVID-19 crisis by building a new model of society based on greener, fairer and more resilient economies. As a clean energy, hydrogen can be a key driver of the transformation. This is the main idea behind an opinion by Pierre Jean Coulon adopted at the EESC's January plenary session.

In the document, the EESC backs the EU Hydrogen Strategy put forward by the European Commission as a step forward in creating a favourable environment to increase supply and demand of hydrogen and to achieve a carbon-neutral economy.

"Clean hydrogen must become a clear priority, as this is the only option compatible with climate neutrality," said Mr Coulon during the plenary debate. "The European recovery funds must make it possible for businesses, innovators, workers and investors to affirm their role as world leaders in the expanding clean energy markets."

In particular, the EESC supports the creation of a European Clean Hydrogen Alliance to be tasked with planning production investments and organising demand for clean hydrogen in the EU.

This body will include industry leaders, civil society, national and regional ministers and the European Investment Bank. Since it will play a key role in speeding up the transformation of European industries, it is essential that the EESC be involved in its capacity as the representative of organised civil society. (mp)