EESC Employers send letter to European Council: Business is key to EU recovery from corona crisis

by the EESC Employers' Group

Given the extreme urgency of tackling the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis, the Employers' Group has called for swift and ambitious measures in a letter sent to all European heads of state and government. Only through cooperation between the Member States can the recovery and reconstruction measures contribute to the long-term success of the EU, including its people and businesses.

The letter has called for a quick and forward-looking agreement on the recovery budget. This was seen as especially important after the meeting of the European Council on 19 June, which showed considerable disagreement between the Member States. The letter was also sent to European Council president Charles Michel, Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli.

The EESC Employers' Group Position Paper Business is key to the EU's recovery from the corona crisis accompanied the letter to the members of the European Council. It outlines measures that need to be taken to save and recover businesses and jobs. A major part of the EU economy is engaged in crisis management and EU businesses will fall further into difficulty if not properly supported, e.g. by granting short-term support (liquidity), strengthening the internal market, avoiding severe disruptions to the level playing field and ensuring Europe's global competitiveness.

Businesses that manage to recover well and succeed are key to the recovery of the EU economy. The agreement on the recovery fund is the fast decision the EESC Employers' Group overall called for. The Recovery Package funds must now reach our companies and SMEs as quickly as possible and without red tape. It is only through private enterprise that we can kick start our economy.(kr)