Diversity Europe - Group III

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The presence of the Diversity Europe Group (Group III), alongside the Employers' Group and the Workers' Group, ensures that the Committee is a dynamic force and is empowered to give full voice to the concerns of the various social, occupational, economic and cultural organisations that make up civil society in the Member States. In line with the changes introduced in the Lisbon Treaty, Group III is made up of "other representatives and stakeholders of civil society, particularly in the economic, civic, professional and cultural field".

The unique feature which forges Group III's identity is the wide range of categories. Its members are drawn from farmers' organisations, small businesses, the crafts sector, the professions, social economy actors (mutualities, cooperatives, foundations and non-profit associations), consumer organisations, environmental organisations, and associations representing the family, women's and gender equality issues, youth, minority and underprivileged groups, persons with disabilities, the Associational Life Category, and the medical, legal, scientific and academic communities.

During the 2020-2023 Presidency, the Group will focus its work on "Poverty and the role of civil society organisations in combatting it".