Equity and efficiency considerations for maritime transportation

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Practical information:

  • Composition of the Study Group
  • António  RIBEIRO PEREIRA (Administrator), Virginie ANDRÉ (Assistant)
  • TEN Section: 6 October 2023
  • EESC Plenary: 25-26 October 2023



Due to lower profit margins and considerable climate risks, maritime transportation has been given less attention from industry and policy makers, resulting often in inefficient solutions and the degradation of shipping construction and the coastal fleet in EU.

The own initiative opinion seeks to explore tools for the improvement of maritime transportation within the EU in conjunction with the development of a modern coastal shipping transportation industry, which would allow people and businesses to move freely and operate in the Single Market without severe obstacles.

The OIO provides several social, environmental and economic insights, related to access of local populations in remote areas, reduction of CO2 emissions via the substitution of other means of transport, and lower transaction costs for SMEs. It also leads to policy recommendations for the access of public services in unapproachable areas, incentivising relocation and stimulation of primary sector activities.