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    The EESC is organising a photo exhibition to highlight its work done on issues that concern people with disabilities.

    The exhibition "Together for Inclusion" is a joint event with the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC).
    It  presents the ten winning photos from the photo competition launched during European Disability and Development Week 2017.
    The exhibition will be held from 3 to 31 December 2018 in foyer 6, with the official launch planned for 18 December in conjunction with the SOC section meeting.
    "Together for Inclusion" is part of European Disability and Development Week 2018 and another one of the EESC's cultural events held during the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.

    This is a cultural initiative organized in cooperation with the Joint Committee for Equal Opportunities (COPEC).

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    An exhibition of paintings entitled "Edvard Stepančič and constructivism across borders" presented in Foyer 6 from 17 till 26 October 2018.
    The exhibition features a private collection of 21 original pieces of artwork and was opened on Wednesday 17 October at 1 p.m. by EESC President Luca Jahier.
    This cultural event is organised in cooperation with the Association Giuliani nel Mondo of Trieste and Brussels and with the support of the Brussels Liaison Office of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia.
    The exhibition aims to make known the emblematic artistic itinerary of Edvard Stepančič, a leading exponent of the constructivism art movement.

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    This exhibition features a series of oil canvas paintings by the artist Bruce Thurman. Taking the form of an "illustrated cookbook", the exhibition offers viewers a journey through the different recipes of Europe and its purpose is to showcase Europe's different food cultures, on the one hand, and the diversity and similarity found in European food culture, on the other.

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    An Exhibition on the 60th Anniversary of Regulation 1/1958

    This year (2018) we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the entry into force of Regulation 1/1958 which determined the languages to be used by the EU institutions and set out the language arrangements applicable to them.

    Regulation 1/1958 has played a fundamental role in the European construction, in that it allows work to be carried in each of the Member States' languages, thereby strengthening the participation of civil society as well as the EU's democratic legitimacy.

    In this context the exhibition is a tribute to a multilingual Europe, while also reinforcing its values and recognising the contribution it has made.

    The exhibition is being organised in cooperation with the Directorate for Translation.

  • The legacy of the Treaties of rome for today's Europe

    In the framework of the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties, the European Economic and Social Committee is pleased to invite you to attend the opening of the exhibition "Ever closer Union".


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    Visibility of disability everywhere

    2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the European Disability Forum (EDF). Founded in 1997, the EDF has grown into a European disability movement with representation in all European Union (EU) Member States and beyond. The EDF has been helping people with disabilities and their representative bodies to come together and speak with one voice. Together with our members and partners, we are fighting for a more inclusive society with equal opportunities for everyone. 

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