Révision de l’initiative européenne sur les pollinisateurs — Un nouveau pacte en faveur des pollinisateurs

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The EU pollinators initiative adopted in 2018 was a first response to the serious decline of insect pollinators in Europe, but the EU now needs to step up its efforts as Europe and the world are still confronted with a dramatic loss of wild pollinators. The decline of pollinators poses a threat to both human wellbeing and nature and undermines long-term agricultural productivity, further exacerbating a trend influenced by other factors, notably the current geopolitical situation with Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

The Commission is therefore proposing to revise the initiative to put in place enabling tools and measures to address the main factors behind this decline. In particular, the revised Pollinators Initiative sets objectives for 2030 and related actions under three priorities:

  1. improving knowledge of pollinator decline, its causes and consequences;
  2. improving pollinator conservation and tackling the causes of their decline;
  3. mobilising society and promoting strategic planning and cooperation at all levels.

This initiative is part of the EU Biodiversity Strategy and will help to meet the European Green Deal goal of reversing the decline of pollinators by 2030, ensuring they can continue to provide essential benefits to nature and humans.