Poland's Constitutional Court ruling risks breaking apart the EU legal system - Statement by Oliver Röpke

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Yesterday 7 October, the Polish Constitutional Court ruled that some EU laws are not compatible with the country's constitution, and denied supremacy of EU legislation over national law. The recent reforms of the judicial system have undermined independence of the Polish judiciary and set it on a collision course with Brussels.

The Polish people will be the first victim of such unprecedented developments. By moving away from the European legal framework, the Polish authorities will decisively undermine the legal basis which allows EU financial, technical, and human programmes to reach the Polish population.

We solemnly call on the Polish authorities to backtrack and take action to ensure a return to the mutually agreed hierarchy of norms which is the basis of trust in international relations. Undermining legal certaintly and supremacy of EU law presents critical risks to the whole union, with consequences more far-reaching than Brexit.