Future low and middle value contracts

The EESC estimates and plans annual needs that may be subject to call for tender procedures above EUR 15 000 and below EUR 139 000 (5 350 000 EUR for works) with a view to publishing the relevant information on our website and enabling economic operators to participate.

Moreover, in order to lighten the administrative load for the participation of economic operators in very low value markets (≤ EUR 15 000), document models are published on this page.

Documents for low value contracts (EN/FR)

General conditions for low value contracts (downloadable in 22 languages)

Purchase order restaurant-catering for low procedures below €15 000

Purchase order for very low procedures below €15 000

Articles 136 and 141 of the Financial Regulation: Exclusion criteria and decisions on exclusions; Rejection from an award procedure

Announcements (EN/FR):


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31000 €

The issue of democracy and participation at work is fundamental for the European Social Model and for democracy as a whole. In practice, however, the leverage and influence of workers in the workplace vary greatly between EU Member States, and their influence is usually limited to the national level. As companies become more global, there is a growing imbalance between workers' influence and corporate governance, which is part of a larger imbalance in the EU's social and economic policies.