EESC to hold a social media debate on the role of systemic change in climate action

On 20 March, the EESC will hold a social media event bringing together young experts, activists and lobbyists from across Europe to discuss systemic change in climate action. 

On 18-19 March, the EESC's Your Europe, Your Say (YEYS) 2021 will bring together more than 100 students from 33 countries for an online debate on climate change, modelled on the United Nations' COP (Conference of the Parties). The debate will be opened by European Commission executive, vice-president Frans Timmermans, and closed by European Parliament Green Party co-chair, Ska Keller.

In parallel, much like a COP, the EESC will hold a public side event for young people in the morning of Saturday 20 March 2021 entitled Designing Systemic Change, which will be broadcast live on social media.

Different panels will focus on explaining what systemic change means and how to implement it, and offer tangible, personal examples of sustainable activities that have the potential to drive it. This will provide our young audience with valuable new insights and, most importantly, the opportunity to express their views and ideas.

In addition to the discussions, the audience will have the opportunity to discover systemic change through art. An online cultural event linked to the online debates will allow the young audience to experience systemic change and its implications within a broader context. To follow the event, visit: Your Europe, Your Say | Facebook (cl)