Visit the other EU institutions

Visit the other EU institutions based in Brussels

Visit the other EU institutions based in Brussels: discover how they work, what their main priorities are and what concrete actions they undertake!

European Parliament

The European Parliament is the heart of democracy in the European Union, representing more than 500 million people. Find out more about the European Parliament by visiting for free in any of the 24 official European Union languages.

See the Hemicycle debating chamber, explore the Parlamentarium visitors’ centre (and its role-play game) or discover the House of European History to find out how the European Parliament works and its impact on Europe and beyond.

See the European Parliament visiting website for information on group sizes, opening times, booking requirements and age restrictions, or simply stop by Station Europe in Place du Luxembourg.

European Council and Council of the European Union

The Council's Visitors' Centre allows you to experience the unique feeling of stepping inside "The House of the Member States". You will be able to test your understanding of the role of the two institutions - the European Council and the Council of the European Union - in a dynamic, interactive way. The Visitors' Centre is open from Monday to Friday between 10.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Book your visit.

European Commission

The European Commission Visitors' Centre welcomes visitor groups (minimum 15) for presentations and discussion about its role as the political executive of the European Union. Visits should be booked at least 10 weeks in advance and can be tailored to suit the knowledge and the interests of groups.

European Committee of the Regions

The European Committee of the Regions offers engaging presentations to visitor groups (minimum 15) on the role of Europe's regions and cities in shaping European Union legislation. Talks should be booked at least 8 weeks in advance.

Visit the other EU institutions, bodies and agencies in and outside Brussels: Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Frankfurt etc.!