"Civil society against COVID-19" is the new dedicated section of the EESC website which brings together over fifty stories of recovery, solidarity and practical action during the coronavirus outbreak. Launched on 2 July 2020, it features initiatives of EESC members, through their local organisations in the Member States, to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

Isabel Caño Aguilar, EESC vice-president for communication, initiated the project: "The EESC has closely followed the development of the pandemic, expressing strong solidarity with the victims of coronavirus and their families. What we are now doing is showing our members' daily commitment on the ground to take action to deal with the consequences".

She encourages people to visit the new section of the website: "This website is dedicated to the work that the EESC, its members and the civil society organisations it represents have been doing to get through the crisis and prepare for the future. In our hospitals, our countries, our cities and rural areas, unnamed men and women have been working tirelessly together to overcome this crisis. It is important to highlight that organised civil society is a key player in the fight against the pandemic and the recovery from it".

The EESC members' stories are wide-ranging, encompassing workers, businesses and social dialogue, as well as agriculture, health, transport, the environment, consumers, equal rights, young people, families and the elderly. (mp)