ESMA Museum and Memorial Site in Argentina: a symbol of human rights

The Workers' Group has presented the campaign to inscribe the ESMA Museum and Memorial Site in Argentina on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The ESMA Museum and Memorial Site in Argentina was a clandestine centre of detention, torture and extermination during the Argentine dictatorship of 1976-1983. A symbol of Argentinian history, it is at the same time an institution of international relevance as it provides yet more evidence of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity which must never be forgotten.

The campaign to make ESMA a UNESCO heritage site is supported by human rights organisations, the trade unions of the Mercosur and the Argentinian Embassy to the European Union.

The event was held online on 30 June and web-streamed on the EESC's web page and social media channels. You can find out more here. (ck)