The European Citizens' Initiative ad hoc group

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The ECI ad hoc Group was set up by a Bureau decision on 17 September 2013.

Its task is to steer the EESC's policy on the ECI, ensuring that the EESC has a transparent and effective part in this inter-institutional process, and to make recommendations for institutional actions to further develop this new tool for participatory democracy.

It has led the EESC to take a highly acclaimed role:

  • As a facilitator for emerging initiatives, being a platform for dialogue and information, bringing together interested organisers or hosting meetings, in its role as the home of civil society;
  • As an institutional mentor, offering the Commission its assistance in the evaluation phase of an ECI, by co-organising a public hearing, and/or drawing up an opinion on a successful ECI in time for the Commission's evaluation, as part of its normal consultative function.