Cross-border energy infrastructure planning

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Practical information:

  • Composition of the Study Group
  • Giorgia Andrea BORDIGNON (Administrator), Virginie ANDRÉ (Assistant)
  • TEN Section: 19 December 2023
  • EESC Plenary: 17-18 January 2024



Cross-border energy flows have proven their worth in recent months and years in securing supplies across the Union for both natural gas and electricity. Existing infrastructures have proven their resilience to transport energy flows to where they are needed most and to mitigate imbalances. In addition, existing and new infrastructures will be necessary to make the transition to a sustainable energy system in a cost-efficient manner, both for the development, integration and transportation of renewable electricity and the import and transport of renewable hydrogen. Integrated offshore grids will be essential to fully develop the potential for offshore renewable energy generation, while onshore interconnections between Member States will allow for this renewable energy to be transported further inland.

This Opinion, requested by the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU, aims at providing significant contributions to the forthcoming discussions likely to be held by the next Commission. These discussions will probably focus on the future governance of the Energy Union, including potential targets for 2040. Additionally, they will address the attainment of Climate Law targets. Nevertheless, every possible strategy will need to take into account the challenges presented by the various social and economic dimensions.