Presentations and Statements

  • Speaker
    Pier Francesco Moretti
    Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technologies, National Research Council of Italy (CNR)
    Foresight in a complex scenario
  • Presentation by
    Grzegorz Drozd / Petra Goran
    Team Leader for Strategic Foresight, Secretariat-General, Unit A5/Policy Analyst, Joint Research Centre, Unit S1
    Strategic Foresight Reports: from analysis to action
  • Presentation by
    European Commission
    Net Zero Industry Act presentation
  • Presentation by
    European Commission
    European Raw Materials Act presentation
  • Robert van Rijssen
    Presentation by Robert van Rijssen - What place for a new governance of food systems in the framework for sustainable food systems initiative?
  • Arnau Queralt-Bassa
    Presentation by Arnau Queralt-Bassa - Food policy councils in Catalonia, Spain
  • Anna Wissmann
    Presentation by Anna Wissmann - Food Policy Councils and FPC networks in the German-speaking regions
  • Marc Nielsen
    Presentation by Marc Nielsen - Terres en Villes (French network of actors in agricultural and food policies in agglomerations)
  • Jeroen Candel
    Presentation by Jeroen - Candel Fostering EU Food Democracy
  • The Good Friday Agreement was a historic landmark. For the first time it brought a sense of real hope to an area of Europe which was suffering from the consequences of a deeply rooted conflict. It was also the culmination of the monumental efforts of the Irish and British governments, the US presidency, the European Union and representatives of the two communities themselves.