Temporary and contract staff

The EESC also employs temporary and contract staff.

They are mainly used when a post is waiting to be filled, when a staff member is absent due to leave on personal grounds or long-term illness, or when a department has to carry out a specific task in addition to its usual work. In any event, such contracts are for a limited period.

Applicants must be nationals of one of the EU's Member States. They must have a thorough knowledge of one of the EU's official languages and a satisfactory knowledge of at least one other such language. They are selected from a pool of applicants – the Recruiter Portal database managed by EPSO – following a selection procedure organised by EPSO. See the EPSO website for more details.

If you wish to be considered for such a contract, you can also apply online for your profile to be added to our database of spontaneous applications. If an opportunity arises that matches your profile, you may be contacted for an interview.


Spontaneous applications: on line registration forms

Before you start filling in your form, please make sure that you have all the information you need; you will be asked to attach a curriculum vitae in English or in French. On the registration form, there is an asterisk (*) after certain fields. These fields are mandatory, and you will not be able to submit your application until you have completed them. The other fields are optional, and are intended to help us build up a more detailed profile of you. Please check that all the information you provide is correct, and check the form carefully before clicking on "send".

Register here:

Registration form in English

Registration form in French

Update a previously submitted application here: EN FR  DE

Privacy policy statement (temporary and contract staff): EN FR