Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law: trends in EU Member States

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Title Source Country Theme
Observatório da Deficiência e Direitos Humanos - Pessoas com Deficiência em Portugal – Indicadores de Direitos Humanos 2020 Stakeholder's contribution Portugal Non-discrimination
APD - Associação Portuguesa de Deficientes - Right to non-discrimination Stakeholder's contribution Portugal Non-discrimination
Vapaa-ajattelijain liitto ry - The Union of Freethinkers of Finland - Presentation for discussion at 2. June in Helsinki And “For the UPR of the UN Human Rights Council” Stakeholder's contribution Finland Non-discrimination
Portuguese Council for Refugees - European Network on Statelessness (ENS) Statelessness Index Survey 2021: Portugal Stakeholder's contribution Portugal Non-discrimination, General
Portuguese Refugee Council (CPR) - Asylum Information Database (AIDA), Country Report: Portugal, 2021 Update Stakeholder's contribution Portugal General
Govwatch - Report - Rule of Law Report for Greece 2021 Stakeholder's contribution Greece Rule of law
Network for the Protection of Democracy / Síť k ochraně demokracie Organisation - Report on Czech Justice System - (July 2021 to June 2022) Stakeholder's contribution Czech Republic Rule of law, General
Slovak National Centre for Human Rights - State of the Rule of Law in Europe in 2022 - Reports from National Human Rights Institutions - Slovakia Stakeholder's contribution Slovakia Non-discrimination, Rule of law
Competitive Slovakia - The ten commandments for a fair and predictable business Stakeholder's contribution Slovakia Rule of law
ERRC & Rosa Park Fundation - Universal Periodic Review Cycle Submission - Hungary Stakeholder's contribution Hungary Non-discrimination