A Space strategy that benefits its citizens

Key points:

The EESC recognises that space is an irreplaceable strategic resource for meeting the EU's social, economic and security needs. It welcomes the advances made by certain programmes such as GMES and GALILEO, while also reiterating its desire to see appropriate funding secured for them.

The EESC acknowledges that space policy is an area of shared EU-Member State competence. It calls for a stronger partnership with Member States, including those which are not European Space Agency members, aimed at coordinating their respective space policies and competences.

The EESC also emphasises the key contribution made by space policy in the area of security and defence.

The EESC concludes by stressing that the EU needs to step up cooperation with its partners, such as the US, Russia and Japan, and possibly to seek to make agreements with emerging space powers, such as China, India and Brazil.

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