Imbalances in social protection in general and specifically for the "new forms of work” and “atypical workers

Practical information


The current state of social protection systems in Europe reveals significant imbalances, especially for workers in non-standard employment like temporary contracts, part-time, on-call, platform, and self-employment. This results in many workers facing inadequate social protection coverage, with women often receiving lower pensions due to employment disparities. The COVID-19 crisis exacerbated these inequalities, underscoring the urgent need for reforms to adapt to evolving labour markets and ensure fair transitions amidst digital and demographic changes. While the European Pillar of Social Rights aims to address these challenges, gaps persist, calling for enhancements in legal frameworks and policies. This own-initiative opinion aims to identify these imbalances and offer concrete recommendations to achieve better social protection equilibrium across various employment types and reduce pension gaps among workers.