Developing synergies across different circular economy roadmaps (own-initiative opinion)

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EESC section opinion: Developing synergies across different circular economy roadmaps (own-initiative opinion)

Developing and implementing sustainable economic models that involve a paradigm shift in the way society consumes and grows requires a careful change management process.  One method of supporting this process is through the development of roadmaps – strategies that help to outline and define what a country or region wishes to achieve, and the steps needed to get there.  A number of national, local and regional Circular Economy (CE) strategies, or roadmaps, have been published. They focus on what is needed for the transition to a more sustainable, circular economic model. The EESC has commissioned a study to conduct a review of European Circular Economy Roadmaps, and to identify the common threads that weave between each, as well as the synergies and the potential for co-operation and alliance building.  This study will be published by May 2019.

The OIO will take stock of the outcome of the study and propose concrete recommendations on how to develop synergies across different CE roadmaps and strategies and on how to promote a systemic, rather than thematic, approach to the circular economy. This could help to highlight the role of a circular economic model in meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.  The involvement/active participation of civil society in the creation and delivery of the roadmaps and strategies would also be discussed/examined/analysed, and ways to improve it would be recommended, as well as the inclusion of civil society/CSOs in monitoring the effectiveness of such roadmaps and strategies.