Alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes

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EESC opinion: Alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes

Key points:


  • is pleased that the Commission has prepared a coherent legal instrument on ADR;
  • recommends a creation of a "European compliance mark";
  • takes note of the option allowing for ADR procedures to cover collective disputes, but at the same time restates its view that there is an urgent need for a harmonised judicial instrument for EU-level group action;
  • is reluctant to agree that these mechanisms should also cover complaints from traders against consumers;
  • recommends that this proposal contain a text on the clear prevalence of the right of access to justice, according to which ADR is not a replacement of the courts, but rather a complementary means of dispute settlement;
  • recommends that the issue of funding be addressed explicitly and head-on;
  • proposes a number of improvements to the text in order to make some requirements clearer and less ambiguous and their provisions more effective.

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