Creams and gels to the rescue of victims of violence

A fictional shop set up by 18-year-old high-school student Krystyna Paszko offers cosmetics for swellings, bruises and puffiness. The project was created for people who, during the COVID-19 pandemic, are trapped in their home with their abuser and have no way of calling the police. Krystyna Paszko says she has managed to help around 350 people.

What prompted you to start the project?

The significant increase in domestic violence due to the coronavirus pandemic was the main factor for starting up the project.

How has your project been received? Have you received feedback from those who have been helped?

The project has been received positively, with a lot of understanding and discretion. We have been able to help around 350 people, some of whom we are still in touch with to make sure they are OK. We have also heard that "Camomile and Pansies" has changed people's lives and given hope for the future.

How will you use this specific funding to provide further help in the community? Are you already planning any new projects?

I am not planning any new projects for the moment because I think it is better to focus on one and do it well. The funds we have received will certainly be of great social benefit.

What advice would you give to other organisations to ensure that their activities and programmes produce results?

First of all, current needs should be tackled, such as those arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to study social changes and, on the basis of these changes, adjust the way assistance is provided.