How European is Ukraine? Why was it attacked? Does it need reform? How and where does it see its future? - these were the questions our NGO “Promote Ukraine” was set up to address back in 2014.

Today, these questions are as relevant as ever, although the response is much clearer. Along with civil society colleagues, our team of 150+ volunteers works tirelessly, both to amplify the message about Ukraine - which is enduring unspeakable hardships on its path towards Europe - and to show how the EU and its Member States are standing united with Ukraine. Thus, we see ourselves as a civil society advocacy and media hub, acting as a bridge, bringing the EU and Ukraine closer together.

To achieve this goal, our work is divided into 10 working groups. Progress and results are communicated on the website, in the journal and in our podcast. To strengthen our partnerships, we operate a free international helpdesk for organisations, businesses and initiative groups that are offering or seeking help in Ukraine. Our team in Brussels is split across three locations: the workspace made available by the EESC president and the Station Europe building offered by the president of the European Parliament, which together provide a kind of hub  for Ukrainian civil society, and a cultural centre.

During these six months of war, we have:

  • held more than 50 meetings with representatives of various European and Asian countries, European institutions and NATO, advocating for Ukrainian airspace to be closed, for sanctions against Russia, for Ukraine to be provided with weapons, for Ukraine to be granted EU candidate status, for the Black Sea ports to be unblocked so that foodstuffs can be exported, etc. 
  • organised over 55 demonstrations in front of the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council, NATO and the representations of Russia and some EU Member States, the largest of which were attended by 8 000 people, as well as weekly Lukoil boycotts
  • sent humanitarian aid worth more than EUR 170 000 at the request of military units, including ambulances, cars for evacuating the wounded, personal protective equipment, communication devices and individual first-aid kits
  • operated two warehouses in Brussels providing food, hygiene products and clothes to temporarily displaced persons from Ukraine, serving more than 1 000 people weekly
  • provided assistance to refugees, in the form of psychological and administrative support, job fairs, distributing PCs and bicycles, dance therapy, painting classes etc.
  • raised funds for Ukrainian Armed Forces through the #UkraineNeedsYou campaign

We at "Promote Ukraine" appreciate and rely on the EU's unfading support and plan to continue making headway towards not only Ukraine's victory, but also its membership in the EU.

True to our values, we keep on "Promoting, Connecting and Sharing". Join us!

Members of the NGO "Promote Ukraine":

Marta Barandiy, founding chair of Promote Ukraine
Maryna Yaroshevych, Ukraine
Olga Vegera, Ukraine
Liza Bezvershenko, Ukraine
Lyuba Karpachova, Ukraine
Vasyl Kushmuns, Ukraine
Oksana Terletska, Ukraine
José Aynat, Spain
Yuliia Chervona, Ukraine
Iryna Nohai, Ukraine
Pieter Goossens, Belgium
Kateryna Polyakova, Ukraine
Oksana Bulda, Ukraine
Olena Kuzhym, Ukraine
Bohdan Yeromenko, Ukraine
Olga Gusarova, Ukraine
Anna Melenchuk, Ukraine
Andrea Castagna, Italy
Natalia Maksymenko, Ukraine
Lesya Magas, Ukrane
Ivanna Malchevska, Ukraine
Artem Shostak, Ukraine
Filip Haugland, Sweden

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