Romanian member Aurel Laurenţiu Plosceanu is the new EESC Vice-President for Communication

A member of the EESC's Employers Group, Mr Plosceanu is president of the Romanian Construction Entrepreneurs' Association (ARACO) and vice-president of the General Union of Romanian Industrialists (UGIR).

He was elected at the mid-term renewal plenary session on 26 April 2023.

"I am very happy to take up this responsibility, to which I am strongly committed", he said. "Nowadays, we are facing multiple challenges and we need to be able to communicate effectively what we do at EU level and make the voice of EU organised civil society heard".

Mr Plosceanu, who has been a member of the EESC since Romania joined the EU in 2007, was president of the Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship (SOC) for the first half of the current term of office and is co-chair of the EU-Serbia Joint Consultative Committee.

He holds qualifications in technical engineering (Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest) and law (Nicolae Titulescu University Bucharest), as well as an eMBA in economics (INDE) and a postgraduate degree in defence (Romanian National Defence College). (mp)